C'è una ragione per cui siamo diventati una sensazione internazionale: BIOEFFECT ha ricevuto oltre venti premi internazionali. Comprese riviste come Madame Figaro, Harper's Bazaar, inStyle e Marie-Claire.

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December 2019

As Iceland Emerges on the Skincare Horizon, One Brand Grows

"Dotted with steaming geysers, Iceland is now erupting as the hottest destination for skincare. And one brand seems to lead the boom..."

December 2019

Bioeffect: The Antiaging EGF Serum Made From Sustainable Barley In Iceland

"EGFs do work to improve skin quality. Bioeffect has also been involved in several studies, all of which yielded pretty incredible results.."

January 2020

Le aziende private che non hai mai realizzato stavano realizzando i tuoi prodotti di bellezza preferiti

The initial plan, says Dr. Örvar, was to sell the pure, plant-based EGF to major cosmetics companies, but they ran into the same misgivings..

January 2020

La cura della pelle islandese è la nuova cura della pelle coreana?

Icelandic women are no strangers to having to keep their skin hydrated and protected from inclement weather and dry conditions..

January 2020

La scienza dietro questa cura della pelle sta rivoluzionando l'intero mercato della bellezza

"How can we separate the buzzwords and marketing hype from the truth? The answer is double-blind placebo studies. The answer is award-winning science. The answer is proof."

January 2020

Incontra il siero che calmerà le preoccupazioni della pelle che invecchia

Seriously, I'm no longer hyperventilating about getting older because of this magical glass jar...

January 2020

CEW Product Watch settembre

The internationally acclaimed BIOEFFECT EGF Serum is a groundbreaking rejuvenating serum containing only seven ingredients...

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